John Deere Groves, welcome to the farmily

Last Monday I found a John Deere on Craigslist that was from the 50's, a 620. Rory went to check it out and that was the same day I called my Uncle Jake to ask his thoughts. Later that night Rory and Uncle Jake talked and Rory said, "what would you put a guy like me in?" And Uncle Jake said, "A 3020." That was exciting to us because moments earlier, my brother-in-law Jedd had texted Rory, "You need to look for a late 60's John Deere 3020."

Two trusted farmers agreed. We felt so grateful to have our ship pointed in the right direction! That was all on Monday night. Wednesday afternoon a new listing popped up, a John Deere 3020 from 1969, wide front and runs on gasoline. We were floored, because the price was right, the location was 90 minutes away and after months of combing Craigslist, this was the first I saw of it's kind.
Thursday morning Rory drove up and met Myron, drove the tractor and met Myron's HUGE Scottish cows with sharp horns and hair in their eyes. And he bought the tractor. We are just so thrilled at the thought of all we will be able to do in our field because of this tractor!

Today Myron delivered the tractor and parked it in the barn. It started up beautifully. And as he drove it into the barn I said, "we have so much red around here. It really had to be yellow and green."


Unknown said...

Oh my, does Uncle Carl LOVE that new tractor! Such a great story too!

Nancy Holte said...

John's dad was a John Deere dealer, which doesn't mean I know a thing about tractors other than the John Deere ones are green and yellow. :) Congratulations on your new purchase.