hattie at worship

hattie worship from Becca Groves on Vimeo.

I was raised in a church where we did not raise our hands during singing. So it took me a while to get used to being in churches where they do this freely. It felt funny for a season, but now I really appreciate this part of Sunday worship. It feels right to me. That said, I have a lot of friends at this same church who sit quietly during the songs, many who don't raise hands, and others who flat out dance. What I like about this church is that the body is free to worship how they are most comfortable...and that is going to be different for everyone.

So I'm a hand raiser. And Hattie is starting to raise her hands too. Every Sunday she wants to be held like this, with her feet standing on the chair in front of us, swaying from foot to foot to each song. Watch her hands during this quick video. Rory showed this to me after service and I was so grateful he captured it. It is a very sweet and incredible feeling to watch your kids worship the Lord.

Elsie sort of twists her skirt from side to side during each song with her hands held palms up right in front of her. It's cool to watch them come into their own. And then it's so fun to all be singing the same songs at home, all day long, because the same ones are replaying in all of our heads from a great morning of worshiping together.

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