Ivar and Bilbo

Rory and Ivar finished reading The Hobbit two nights ago and Ivar was so sad when it was over. He hates to leave good friends on the pages of a book.

After he and Rory finished the last page of The Hobbit, they sat for a while and talked about it. And then when Rory went to put him to bed, Ivar brought out a surprise for his dad. The whole time they had been reading the book, Ivar had been working on a map of Bilbo's adventure. And then he framed it for Rory and gave it to him. We had no idea this was in the works.

I'm not sure Rory has ever received anything greater in his whole life.

When Rory left for work today, Ivar yelled out to him in the garage, "Good bye, Dad! And may your beard never grow thin!" Which is Bilbo's sweet words of farewell to his dwarf friends.


Rachel said...

holy smokes, he is the sweetest!

Lacy said...

Oh my goodness, Ivar is just the sweetest kid!

Kristen said...

I may have just teared up at work reading this! That is the sweetest thing!!