cup towers and old ladies

Our church had a New Year's Eve party and it was so much fun. Our friend Eric led lots of minute-to-win-it type games and there was so much laughter. We love our church family and it was fun to play together. Usually it's all Sunday morning together-time, but this was really special.

The last game was a huge cup relay with different tasks to accomplish with plastic cups. There were hundreds of cups and after the games were over Ivar and a 10-year-old and a 27-year-old built a cup pyramid up to the ceiling. I love that sort of intergenerational goodness.

But the reason I'm writing is to tell of one hilarious moment. One of the games was to empty an entire box of kleenex in with one hand. The person who did it first, won. There were 16 boxes of kleenex set up for 16 kids and at the end of the game they were going to throw away the waste. But I shouted out, "wait! No! I'll take all of them! Wait for me to get a garbage bag!" I came back with a huge trash bag and Eric repeated, "Okay, kids. You heard Mrs. Groves. She would like to take all of these kleenex home with her so please pick them up and put them in her bag..."

I laughed so hard. I am suddenly old lady Groves. You know, the one who re-uses tissues?

Maybe you had to be there to see the teenagers' faces as they put their kleenex in my bag. But I'm pretty sure I've got some sort of reputation now...though I'm completely pumped about our TWO GARBAGE BAGS FULL of practically brand new kleenex!

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