halloween 2017

Thought I had better throw this one in here since tomorrow is Thanksgiving! My sister called and told me she was excited by my sudden daily blogging. Rory was gone Friday night at a church thing and I decided to spend my night getting caught up in words and pictures. And it feels so good! So here is Halloween real quick before Thanksgiving...

My favorite story from this Halloween is that Elsie went back and forth all month if she was going to be a princess, a queen, Aurora, a queen bee, or Elsa. And in the last half an hour she landed on the humble hot dog. I didn't see it coming!

Also, Ivar wanted to be a Ninja Turtle even though he's never seen the show. But his Lego magazine has ninja turtles in it and his dad has all of his figurines that Ivar gets to play with. A few weeks before Halloween Rory and I were in a thrift store and I found Alden's turtle costume for $4. So awesome. He was supposed to have purple headbands and wrist bands, but when Halloween came around they were missing. Not Ivar's thought. Ivar's costume had been set out all month, all ready to go. He's my very organized boy.

And finally, I have come to realize that I am really, super, incredibly disciplined with Halloween candy in the house.

Until I'm not. And then I just have a great time enjoying every single kind. Baby Ruth are my current favorite.

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