overheard (mostly elsie quotes...)

Yesterday I decided that I really had to write down some of the funny things said around here. My plan was to have a post of funny things at the end of the month. Turns out, by the end of the day I had incredible material.

Me: Do you want some ham? Elsie: "No that will make way me too chilly! I need cheese!"

Ivar: "Elsie! You are way too noisy! I am trying to cut with scissors right now!"

Elsie: "Mom, for my birthday, my DREAM would be two cans of chicken noodle soup."

Elsie: Mom. In the new earth, the one with no sin or sickness or stuff like that...I'm never going to wash my own dishes, okay?

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Nancy Holte said...

Hysterical! And boy, that girl has BIG DREAMS! LOL!