our growing orchard

I took these pictures on a hot day in August and my kids were certain they were melting in that sheep shelter above. They were not as into the "check on the apples" experience as Rory and I were. But I love that they huddled together in that shade, eating their apples, sweating it out together. Now that it's blustery and cold today, I can appreciate the sibling bonding that was happening in this moment.

My friend Leisha once told me that raising kids is a lot like planting an orchard. You tend to the trees, you water and mulch them. You take measures to rid them of the bugs and insects. You prune them so they're sturdy and support them so they don't topple over in strong winds. You fence them in to protect them from harm. And then one day, years and years later, you get to enjoy the fruit of all of your labor. In the meantime you get a few apples every season. And you can see the goodness that is to come. But you plant an orchard and tend to those trees with your eyes on the harvest many years to come.

I love that illustration so, so much. I think of it every time we're out checking on the progress of our apple trees. And feel encouraged for all the ways I am tending, disciplining, training, guiding, protecting, supporting and encouraging my four kids every. single. day.

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Nancy Holte said...

I love that analogy!