I don't want to forget...

I put this picture on instagram with the caption: Tummy Time Support Staff. Alden has a good crew.

I still have a few books I want to share, but first I have a few things to write down that I just don't want to forget!

1. Ivar came yelling down the stairs on Friday night before bedtime, "I just made a MEMORY!!!" And then he explained how he was brushing his top teeth and this front tooth fell out, bounced on the counter and fell down between the counter and wall. We will likely find it if we ever renovate that bathroom. He truly did loose his tooth!

Also, the fact that he said he made a memory made me SO PROUD that he is my son.

His other front tooth is also very loose and has moved over to center stage and his smile is awesome right now. Just one tooth in the front, swaying back and forth.

2. Hattie's had a bad dream the other night and Rory could not console her. So he called me in and I held her in the rolling office chair next to her crib while Rory sat on the floor and kept his hands on her. I sang, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name..." and Rory prayed for Hattie as she cried and whimpered and heaved her sad breaths out until she finally fell back asleep. She is a sweet one, and I love that Rory and I are a united front when it comes to that little girl.

3. When we drive from town back to our farm we can see our barn and field and I'll say, "boy that sure is a pretty farm. Look at those sheep in that orchard. That's a lucky family who gets to live there..." and Elsie shouts excitedly from the backseat every time, "Mom! That's actually our farm! We are the family who gets to live there!!"

4. And while I'm thinking about our car, I once told the kids I was sorry I didn't have a snack for them while we were driving to another destination. They said, "oh, it's okay! We have our bagels from church back here!" I said they must be pretty hard by now, but they said not if they dunk them in their water. Then a few days later I said I wish I had brought their sweatshirts and they said, "oh we keep them in the car now!" Another time I didn't have cash for a garage sale and they both said, "we have our money holders!" So recently I scoped out the way back seat and sure enough. They basically have it set up as a little locker room. They will never be unprepared.

5. I continue to tell others that I liken Alden to a goldfish. I feed him every three hours and once in a while change his...water. The kid is so, so chill. His whole disposition is, "happy to be here, mom. thanks for having me. let me know when you have a minute. it's okay if you don't." He is positively adored by the five members of his family and has no lack of attention and love. I would be interested in what percentage of my day is spent getting pillows and siblings set up so they can hold Alden. It's a good chunk of the day.

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Nancy Holte said...

Love your memories! And, I thought I was the only one left on the planet who still knows There's Just Something About Your Name."