we're still here!

I told my cousin Sarah that we must be a part of the Cozy Womb Club. She carried her babies past the due date as well. My Aunt Diane is in this club and my friend Katie and so are many others. And it is a sincere waiting game. Time is measured in days and nights, because each morning you think, "well this could be it!" And every night you think, "maybe we'll wake up and go to the hospital." Every 12 hours seems to be a new set of possibilities.

The truth is, as I told Rory today, there are so many friends I know who have begged God for one more week or one more day, hoping the baby could grow strong on the inside before it came. So we are fine. The baby is healthy and doing well and tomorrow will be 41 weeks officially. Today we go to the doctor to make a plan to induce. With my whole heart I hope things start naturally, but it will not be for a lack of effort on my part! I have walked stairs, our road, done many things to try to get things moving, but it turns out a mom doesn't have a lot of control over this sort of thing.

But I have heard nonstop stories of how others have gotten their labor started. And been told many things on what I should be doing. Some are well received and others make me feel like I am doing something wrong.

My very favorite though, was my neighbor's daughter who told me that when she was 3, her mom was due with her sister. They had taken the 3 year old to the cousins to play and then picked her up to wait for the baby back at their home. While opening the door for his wife, the dad misjudged her position and opened the door into her belly with enough force that it caused her water to break on the spot! So they turned around, took the 3 year old back to the cousins and went to the hospital.

Something about the slap stick of that moment makes me laugh so hard. What a riot.

So we'll wait and continue to get things done around the house. In a great twist, we have had some wonderful family time this week. Rory is still busy, but he's on baby-mode and has been so present. We have made lots of fun summer memories this week and for that I am so grateful.

And tomorrow we have 50 baby chicks arriving! We didn't see that coming when the due date was a week ago! But this is life, and it's full and it's good.

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Paige Lathrop said...

I am so grateful for you update, Becca! I've been checking you blog and FB page multiple times a day (I swear, I'm not normally a stalker!) just hoping for some fun baby news. But I'll take a "we're still in a holding pattern" progress report, as well. I know the feeling, as both of my kiddos were more than a week overdue. I'm an impatient, control freak by nature, so I took it as a sign from God that He was going to teach me an important lesson in that final week of each of my pregnancies. And to be completely honest, when I was pregnant with Noah, I knew he'd be my last, was so comfortable in the end, and well aware of just how much work newborn babies can be, that I was completely fine savoring those extra 8 days of incubating. Although, when threatened by my OB with induction, I did go for a 3-mile run while pushing Isabella in the jogging stroller. Needless to say, I went into labor the following night. One child delivered under the use of Pitocin was quite enough for me. Ha! Good luck, girl! We'll continue to pray for you all! We cannot wait to "meet" the newest Grove!!!