battening down the hatches

I woke up yesterday and could tolerate clutter no more. I'm basically at the stage of nesting where I just want my house empty. This has happened with each pregnancy, but especially with these later babies who have older siblings who help make the clutter mess. And nothing is safe. Throw pillows annoy me. Couch cushions. All things used to build a fort start to bug me because they can be moved. Basically, I want my house glued down in its most pristine state.

Anyway. There is one person in our family who seems to messy up our house more than the others. And not with couch cushions and art supplies, but with silverware, clean dish towels, shoes and boxes of unused band aids. Not to point any fingers, but if we took a family vote for messiest member, Hattie would win the election. Yes, she's darling. But she's also quite destructive.
And we've been so slow on the draw with this one! For six months we've been complaining of the way she undoes the house thinking it was just a phase. But this phase doesn't seem to be passing anytime soon. So this week Rory has been screwing every cabinet and drawer we have with a child-proof latch and Hattie is not pleased. But everyone else is. Low book shelves have been emptied. Any bins without a lid have been placed up high. Our house has become terribly boring and I am strangely pleased. :)


Carrie said...

Must be a 3rd kid thing... we just bought a gate for our bathroom as I couldn't handle the toilet paper, empty drawers everything else. Now he throws toys over the gate while I pee without someone's hands down my pants!

Marisa said...

I can totally relate. I'm due in a bout 5 weeks and currently getting ready to bring stuff to a rummage sale. Nesting and getting ready for a rummage can be pretty dangerous. Nothing is safe here and once it is marked and in a tub it is leaving our house.