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sogn valley orchard

My sister-in-law, Lisa, came over on Friday and was going nuts over this apple orchard they had just visited. We have driven by the sign countless times, but never would have made the trek if she hadn't sang it's praises so loudly! Rory and I looked at a farm in Sogn when we were finding our next home and fell in love with this area. It is a true valley, and the landscape is stunning. Rolling hills, red barns, hay bales and lots of oak trees. We have taken many, many pictures there.

Here's the thing about this orchard. We were there for over an hour, and only three other cars came in and out during that time. It's not a huge you-pick orchard. They have an adorable Apple Haus where you can sample apples and sample cider. And you can buy bags of picked apples. And then you are encouraged to walk around the orchard and we were told to each, "try an apple if it looks like a good one." So we walked all over, under and around the trees. They sell their apples to many area Co-Ops, so they aren't looking to make their big dollars as a you-pick. It felt more like a visit to a relative's farm.
And then there was this Border Collie named Collie. This dog is the best. In fact, at church today another young mom told me that they go to this orchard just so their kids can play frisbee with Collie too! My kids are usually afraid of dogs, but this dog is a wonder. I've never, ever wanted a dog and I came home and googled Minnesota Border Collies. (Rory is firm on his dog plans though. Ivar has to be eight. Because Rory knows the dog care will fall solely on him (Rory). And he's right... But this dog was a dream.) And after much online research I would like to tell you that Border Collie puppies are so adorable. And they are good and herding sheep, and sometimes people.  My Aunt Louie and Uncle Jake always had a Collie named Skippy. Even if one Skippy died, they'd get another and name it Skippy. I just want a puppy so bad now... I even have the name all picked out. A Collie would be so happy on our farm...
But back to reality. Hattie loves apples and gnawed on one the whole time while I bit bites into small pieces for her like a mama bird. It was a happy, happy adventure.


emilyberit said...

We had a border collies mutt as a kid, and she was wonderful. Just a note, they are known for hearding, and will heard kids too! They are great for farms I'm sure. We loved our Daisy!

Nancy Holte said...

Before you get a puppy talk to my daughter-in-law. They just got one and since our son is a pilot most of the care falls on her shoulders. She's just two days in - and exhausted! :)