while I'm thinking of it...

Today Ivar told me, "Mom! We have to read-new these books at the library today!" I loved this little word mix-up. Now that he's five I feel more of an obligation to correct his kid words to the right words...but man, it's hard to do. I love the little kid language we have around here.

On that note, I think every three-year-old deserves an audience to follow them around and hear the awesome things that come out of their mouths. I told my parents that I can hardly explain it to another. The awesomeness is wrapped up in the inflection, the word order, the choice of words...all of it. And the running narration of a day is more entertaining than any professional comedian. Elsie is constant fun and I love age three.

It's garage sale season and I am in full swing. I love this time of year so much. We have found treasures and bargains and things I never knew we needed. But for that price?!! We'll take it! Even my kids are now trained to spot a Garage Sale sign.

In an ironic twist, I'm purging my house! Go figure. But when more stuff comes in, stuff has to go out. I am so tired of clothes. Anyone else? Kids clothes are incredible. Between growing kids, the change of season, awesome hand-me-downs (Not complaining! Totally grateful!) and a daughter who changes dresses and tights and sweaters and skirts eleven times a day, I just cannot take it anymore. I am drowning in clothes. Dirty laundry, clean laundry, clothes that need to be put away, clothes left on the bathroom floor, clothes discarded in every room.

But! I finally put all of our winter gear away! Snow pants, boots, mittens, hats and scarves have all been boxed up until next fall. I keep the winter coats out because I've fallen for that that one before. The second you put the coats away it drops to 30. Every time.

Rory and I watched Gattaca the other night and I really, really liked it. It's so seldom that we stumble upon a thoughtful, clean, entertaining movie that I feel like I should tell you about it. So I did. If you have Amazon Prime you can watch it for free at that link above.

Also, the night we watched Gattaca, Rory brought home our first watermelon of the season. I told him it was the most romantic thing he could have done. Added bonus was that the watermelon was good!

In other news, we adore our goats. Currently the baby is still named Precious and the mama goat is still nameless. Ivar wants to call it Olivia. He has no idea where he came up with that name...we don't have an Olivia in our family/friends/life. I can't quite get myself to call her Olivia, so I keep calling her Mama. But that's what I'm called. Rory seems to be leaning towards Olivia. A goat named Olivia? I'm on the fence on this one. Please weigh in.

Another random thought: I have been weeding this spring and I love it. You can read that sentence again. It's baffling to me too. But I read this blog post at The Rabbit Room, and the writer talked about how he loves to weed. He can't walk past a weed without picking it. The point of his piece was that it is okay to leave the weeds. But I heard the opposite. Ha! While reading it I sort of realized that weeds are the untidy thing in nature. And since I like to keep things tidy, this sort of flipped a switch in me. I have been out when I can, weeding the blueberries mostly. And it is hard to weed with a baby. But there is a really good, addictive feeling you get when you weed right after it has rained, and that weed pulls up nicely with a root attached.

Which brings me to my next point: I am getting old. My sudden appreciation of weeding is evidence of this. As is the fact that I was looking for a radio station recently and found Sting singing Roxanne on the oldies station. The Oldies Station! Kool 108 was playing Sting. And then Queen was next and suddenly I found myself all they way home having sung along to all the songs. Aging is a sneaky, creepy little thing.

I guess that's what's on my mind tonight: Olivia, Read-Newing books, Gattaca, Garage Sales, Weeds, Watermelons and Roxanne. There's always a lot going on in this brain of mine...


Anonymous said...

Re: kids' language and vocabulary, listen to this episode of On Being (shameless plug):


I'm with you on the yard sales and weeding and basically growing into an old lady overnight. No thoughts on Olivia, though. :)

Callie B. said...

Three cheers for reading! It's so cathartic!

Has Ivar read the books about Olivia the pig? Sounds like the name is starting to stick. :)