1,431 pictures by Ivar

Ivar found my faithful, red, digital camera last week. I had lost it for a year and then found it in my golf bag after the winter. There are years of my life when this little camera never left my side. I took nearly every picture for this blog with Little Red until I got my iphone. I love that camera, and now Ivar does too. I told him how to turn it on and take a picture last week and in the six days since he has taken 1,431 pictures! I know that for certain because I just downloaded every one of those pictures onto my laptop.

Have you ever heard of Week in the Life? It's a picture project that Ali Edwards encourages all of us to do. To capture the every day, the ordinary. To see the actual life happening around us. I love the idea of this project and have tried to accomplish it in the past, but it's a big undertaking. 

But Ivar did it for me! At age five, he captured the most honest, true slice of time that I can imagine. You have no idea how many pictures he took of my hiney loading and unloading the dishwasher. And all the different Elsie outfits he documented. He took pictures of his Cars and Planes and Legos from every single angle, up close, far away. He took pictures of our cats and chickens and it is quite obvious that he adores baby Hattie. 

I didn't let him bring his camera along on any outings, but now I can't wait to have him document our trips to Target, Sunday at church, ECFE and playdates. It's so fun to see life from his perspective. (And it should be mentioned that these are my favorites combed from the thousands...and I cropped them, which is a magic touch. But other than that, these are Ivar's pictures.) He's got some unique vantage points. Enjoy!

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val said...

He's fantastic! What great photos. love, Val