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I believe it was last Christmas when I was in the car listening to "Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away..." when I decided it was finally time to make these Christmas Carol Cards. Because that song is the worst. And Christmastime is supposed to be filled with the best.

So I had the same awesome artist who designed my blog do the artwork for ten of my favorite carols, a few that are hardly sung anymore, even in church. And a few that I wish I knew more than the first verse. 
And then when we were waiting for Harriet to come, Rory helped me set up an Etsy shop! What a great use of all that time! You can purchase digital downloads (you print them on your own) of each song individually or as a collection at a reduced price.

I wrote on the site: 
I started making Hymn Cards when I had my first child, wanting to be able to sing the great hymns of faith over him, while having the lyrics visible and accessible. I set them on a stand next to the rocker in his nursery and now he knows 12 songs that Christians have sung for centuries.

These Christmas Carol Cards were created with the same intention. I want my kids to hear the words to these songs, to recognize the lyrics, and to remember my voice singing these sweet carols to them. 

Of course these are not just for moms to sing to their kids. My hope is that they may be hung as art, displayed on a mantel or placed in a frame. Or sung during a personal quiet time, slowing down enough to remember the actual reason we celebrate each December.

You'll notice these Christmas Carol Cards are a bit different than your typical word art. Rather than just a phrase or a sentence, these Carol Cards have all the words to the entire song. That's because my hope is that you read all the words, and sing all the lyrics. These carols are packed with reminders of why we celebrate the birth of Jesus, as well as reminders of the real story we cling to during this season.

I hope you love them like I do. And that you use them, and sing these songs that have stood the test of time. You can find my etsy shop here. The original Hymn Cards, created for kids rooms and nursery's are also in the shop as a digital download set. Happy Singing!

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Renee said...

Becca! Merry Christmas!! Love the hymn cards but I have to comment on your nativity! Did your mom make that when you were growing up? I have one that is exactly like least the shape of the bodies and concept of design...that my mom made when I was 2yrs old. It now sits on our floor to be played with by Liliana and Lorelei. I thought it looked similar in another pic from another post but couldn't quite tell. Thanks for the closeup. I've never seen another one like it. Maybe it was in a Lutheran publication of some sort or our moms just are attracted to the same patterns. Anyway, to have the hymn cards and hymn knowledge to go with the nativity would be a great add to a generational gift passed down. Wish we lived closer so we could get together. Enjoy some snow for us (Liliana's Christmas wish is snow :( ) and we'll enjoy some sunshine for you. Blessings, friend!