nine months pregnant! (I think)

If you divide 36 weeks by 4, you get nine. Which means if the average month is 4 weeks long, I have been pregnant 9 months. I don't know if I technically am yet, as weeks and months are terribly confusing in the world of pregnancy tracking, but 9 months feels very accomplished so I am going with it. Because I like to feel accomplished.

I just went through a hard month of carrying this baby. I was in pain and had a few other physical issues that were trying and those trying things got me down. Mentally down and literally down. I am on a pretty strict cycle of two hours up and active and one hour laying on my left hand side. Which, turns out, is awesome. To be forced to rest as a mother of two would be equivalent to forced daily bowls of ice cream. There just isn't much to complain about.

As a result of the pain I was in, I started eating better, cutting way back on social-anythings and we bought a bed for our living room. No joke. If you came over right now you'd find two couches, a fire place and a twin bed. Not awkward at all. I spend my "left hand side" time on this bed. And also sleep there at night. You can imagine Rory tucking me in at night and then heading up to our bed. Without me. The bed was purchased when it was terribly hot and I was dying in our stuffy bedroom. And when Rory kept waking me up to tell me I was snoring. To which I would sadly tell him, "but I was finally sleeping!" I also get up frequently to visit the bathroom and when I roll over (which is all the time) I have to readjust many pillows. I was restless and hot, and Rory was annoyed and crabby. The bed was purchased with both of our full support and enthusiasm. When baby comes I'll move back upstairs, but in the meantime the bed does serve as a quality conversation starter.

Elsie and Ivar are very ready for the baby and it's adorable. They love feeling kicks and seem very aware of what is coming (though none of us really can brace for all the ways a baby will change our normal). Elsie has taken to calling her pink blanket, "Baby Lily" and will come and tell me when Baby Lily "is crying because a lion bit her." I've always hoped my kids would have an imaginary friend, just for the fun of it, but this blanket that is held so lovingly is pretty close. I will continue to encourage this Baby Lily thing as long as I can.

Other than that, the baby is gaining an ounce a day. Pretty impressive. And I have to say this: I absolutely love being pregnant. Even with the harder parts of this pregnancy, there is nothing more marvelous and amazing and privileged than getting to carry a little life in my womb. I love this baby fiercely already. And this is before I've even set my eyes on my babe. What a joy it will be to hold him or her in my arms!

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Paul Harrington said...

We are so excited for this new grandchild. You are taking such good care of him/her. We love you! Mom and Dad