celebrating marriage and daily life

I told her, "Now Elsie, mom and dad need 15 minutes to get ready, and I don't want you to get dirty." She told me, "Okay. I'll just go play with the kitties." Oh dear.
We got all gussied up for the night and drove to Art House North where we had a fancy dinner for Rory's folks, Marlene and Madison, to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was such a special night, and hopefully I'll have pictures to post of the whole night for another post. There was a photographer there and I'm so excited to see the shots she got.

Until then, I just read this post on Ann Voskamp's blog and thought it was so good. It's a guest author who wrote a post titled, "How quiet marriages may be the most exciting marriages of all." Please go read it. Especially after a night like last night that celebrated 50 years of two people who devoted themselves to each other. There is nothing more powerful and inspiring and beautiful to see. I left feeling encouraged and excited to keep pouring into my own marriage.


In other news, I'm going to do A Week in the Life next week. Anyone want to join me?!! The whole purpose is to take seven normal days and to document the ordinary. To take pictures at the grocery store, to get pictures of your house not totally tidy, your kids in church nursery, or any of the other "normals" that don't ever really get documented. Most of the time we have our camera out to document special events, or events out of the ordinary. But the point of this week is to make sort of a time capsule of what life looked like in August 2015. For us it will document life with just two kids, just before the third joins the family. I have watched Ali Edwards do this on her blog for probably five years and have never joined in, but this year I realized how much I would love a slice in time like this even from before we had kids! So I'm jumping in with both feet. Expect lots of pictures next week.

(I ordered the scrapbook, but you truly wouldn't have to. In fact, I'm not sure it will totally work with my style, but I'm wanting to do something creative like traditional scrapbooking so I got it. Ali starts on Monday morning, but I think I may jump start this weekend. I'm feeling especially inspired.)

But now, before you forget, go and read that article on marriage. It was so good! Happy Weekend!

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Carrie said...

I'll totally join you! I missed a day in the life with the normal blog I do it with. But I can't start til 24 as Maddy is gone for next 10 days and that's just not normal ;)