impulse buying

I took the kids to Cub Foods today to buy tulips and daffodils. When we were checking out Elsie told me, "we forgot food!" But we went specifically for flowers. We are at that part of the winter where springtime flowers really do a world of good for morale. While I was picking out my daffodils ($2.99 for 10!) I saw an older man and felt compelled to say, "Are you married?" And he said yes. And I said, "You really should buy your wife some daffodils today. They're a good price and she'd love it." And then he looked at me funny like I probably didn't need to be talking to him about his wife or about daffodils. And when I walked away I thought to myself, 'with a confused reaction like that, that guy really should buy his wife daffodils.' Later I saw him at checkout, flowerless.

Then we went to Target. I should mention that the wind today is biting cold. It sucks your breath away. And even though the forecast looks great for the weekend, the few days we have to make it there feel like sucker punches (-9 tonight!). I got my kids in the store and then proceeded to impulse shop like only a mother at Target in the dead of winter can. We found new sunglasses for the kids. And a baseball cap for Elsie. Elsie got a new headband that has flowers all the way around that is adorable and will be worked into an Easter outfit. They had raincoats and matching boots and umbrellas for little girls that made me swoon, but I did have the good sense not to go completely overboard. The truth is, I could have bought the whole store today. Which probably would have helped Target during this sad time of layoffs. But it would have meant a lot of explaining when I got home. Instead I made sure the kids were good and excited to show dad their new sunglasses and hat and headband before we have the next budget talk.

We're going to make it to springtime. My sister is inviting her neighbors over next week for an outdoor Welcome Spring Chili Feed and Bonfire. I love that idea so much I might to have to steal it. We're almost there. We're so close. Daffodils will help us in the meantime.

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Lacy said...

My birthday flowers are on their last leg, I'm buying new ones tomorrow 😊 Also, a trip to target is in the future...I'll just tell Derek it was your doing, ha!