while I'm thinking of it...

+I cannot stop eating the halloween candy in my house. I know I could get it out of my house to help with the temptation, but I can't do that either. Because I love candy.

+Ivar got the flu the night of halloween. At first we thought it was just too much candy, but eleven hours later he was done with the terrible part of the flu and still sad and sorry for himself. I was sad and sorry too because we had to cancel his party with 26 Groves and Harringtons coming to celebrate.

+Rory and I watched the six episodes of PBS's 2001 show Frontier House this weekend. It was great television and was so inspirational that Rory went out and bought our first ax.

+I have spent the week cleaning out the shed and have now moved on to the garage. The cold is coming and it feels good to get everything ready for winter.

+I went shopping on Monday night with my friends Melanie and Amanda and it was awesome. My criteria for this shopping trip was: warm and cozy. I got a lot of sweatshirts, sweaters and scarves. It is perfect mom attire.

+Rory and I have started holding a weekly family meeting, without the kids. This is worthy of its own blog post, as it has changed the running of our home entirely.

+And finally, a kid quote. I said, "Elsie, do you  have a poopie?" She said, "I have a diaperrhea!" (she didn't, but I thought the new word was funny.)

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Meta Herrick Carlson said...

I'm curious about your family meeting! Logistics? Dreams? Humor? Teamwork? Do share. )