kid quotes

Ivar drew his first picture of me. I was so touched. And equally excited by my uncanny resemblance with Mike Wazowski.


Daddy: Ivar, I want you to be good and to follow Jesus. Other than that, you can do whatever you want with your life.
Ivar: Okay. I don't want to follow Jesus, I just want to play.


Rory had to run into Menards and I stayed in the car with the kids. To help keep everyone occupied I conducted a little interview.
Becca: What is your favorite thing to eat?
Elsie: Lunch!
Ivar: Hot Dogs!

Becca: What is your favorite place to be?
Elsie: Buttya!
Ivar: The haircut place!

Becca: What is your favorite song?
Elsie: Jesus!
Ivar: doodoodoodoo (Thomas theme song)

Becca: What is your favorite store?
Elsie: ABC Toy Store
Ivar: The new YMCA!


Elsie: Oh, new socks?
Becca: Yes, they are new.
Elsie: Oh! From Target?
And later that day we were in Macy's and she got all caught up in the purse section, trying them on, adoring herself in the mirror. Houston, we have a girl.


I taped a little rectangle of paper towel onto Elsie cupie doll when she told me her baby was poopie. It was a pretty awesome little diaper and I showed Ivar. He replied, "Mom. That baby is plastic."

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