a florescent fall

I didn't change the coloring on any of these pictures it's just that this fall has been this spectacular. I told Rory that I wouldn't have thought neon colors were all that natural, but they totally are. You can see them everywhere lately. I took the kids on a country drive this morning and got a few of these pictures.

We spent the weekend in Wisconsin at our friends' cabin. It was a great weekend with a wood burning fire, hot apple cider, good food and conversation and snow on Saturday morning. We were so surprised! And it really was pretty. I never mind the snow at the beginning of the season. (Though I'm glad it's not the actual beginning of the season...)

But the kids got excited. Today they wanted to get the sled out and I was happy to pretend there was snow. And for the record, they did not want to go outside on this glorious day so I told them, "when you come out with your boots on, I will give you a peanut m&m." It worked and we played hard for an hour before nap time.

Bribery felt acceptable because it is the time of the year that you soak up every single lovely day.


natalie said...

Becca, thank You for your kind words. They mean so much! I so appreciate you reading my blog! -Natalie creates

Kandi said...

Truly stunning!