this summer was sponsored in part by...

Lemonade Ice Tea. aka the Arnie Palmer. I have consumed so much of this stuff over the last three months, it's crazy. I actually think I have had enough  now, and can wait nine more months until it's time to buy it again.

Santitas Corn Chips...the $2 bag. We go through these quite quickly at our house. I have found the $2 bag is important for us, as we can't seem to eat the bigger bag fast enough before they get a stale. But we can consume a $2 bag like nobody's business.

The red dress I got at Old Navy for $12. I wore it every other day and sometimes the days in between.

Marie's chunky blue cheese dressing. I ate a whole lot of cucumbers and sweet peas with that stuff. A whole lot.

Honestly, without these items, I wonder what my summer would have been like.

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