spiffin' up the place

I have blogged now for seven years. SEVEN. Holy smokes. This past spring I told Rory, "I think I'm in it for the long haul." And he said, "Oh you think?"

This past year I had three years worth of blog posts printed and bound in three beautiful books that hold stories and pictures that I found worthy to post. What a joy. I love thumbing through these hard cover books. I'm proud of them. And so glad I took the time.

And so it was at some point this summer that I decided to keep at it. To try to blog well, to write with honesty and to add things to the world that draw attention to the good stuff: family, creativity and faithful living that points to Jesus.

It was about that time that I found a blog that knocked my socks off. The design was stunning, the content was creative and beautiful and the writing felt genuine and true. I was so inspired and found the link for the artist who designed her blog and inquired to have her redesign my own blog.

And here it is. Tada!

No kidding, when Heather of Life Made Lovely, sent me her original proof for the blog I started jumping up and down around the kitchen table. Ivar was amused and curious and afraid. I was laughing and yelping. I loved how she took my ideas and made my life look so lovely.

The honest truth is that I don't have any huge ambitions with this blog. I don't see myself ever making any money through this thing. (though that would be awesome!) But part of that kind of blogging requires some sort of self-marketing. And every time I go near that idea I cringe. Maybe one day I'll be ready to go for it. But for now I love my readers, I love that I can blog about anything under the sun and I really love keeping my life journal up here on ze world wide web.

As always, I am grateful that I have so many faithful readers and love sharing my life in this way. My hope for the future is to continue to share a glimpse into our family, living our lives with creative purpose, always pointing to Jesus.


Paige Lathrop said...

Truly, Becca, if you stopped blogging, a little piece of my heart would feel like it were missing. I hop online every single day, almost without fail, to see how my dear friend Becca is doing and what kind of fun adventures she's up to now. You inspire me, encourage me, make me laugh out loud, warm my heart, and make me feel a little more human ("normal") as you share the real deal with your readers. It's so refreshing! And best of all, even though we haven't seen each other in years, I feel like I haven't missed a thing. So keep doin' what you're doin', girl, because you rock at it! Love you LOTS!!!!

Nancy Holte said...

Love your new look! But to be honest, it wouldn't matter if you had a black background with white words (thought it would be less appealing) I'd still read it. You're just that fun!

Jennifer Prod said...

i've been blogging for about a year, and sometimes i worry that i'm putting too much content on the web instead of in a memory book, but i love love your idea of turing the blog posts into something tangible :)