family vacation time

I remember at the beginning of the summer feeling panicked that we weren't going anywhere. I saw pictures of other people's vacations and felt that super sting of internet-related jealousy. Well I had to wait a few months, but these past two weeks I got my fill of going somewhere! Our two major summer outings happened to land back to back and it has been a full, awesome, wonderful two weeks of summer vacation.

I have been sorting through my pictures from August and cannot get over how many pictures I have taken. And I want to get caught up on this if you'll let me, I'd like to just take a few posts to share the stories and pictures of our two weeks of family togetherness. It might be overkill, but these pictures hold some very happy memories.

Like the time we were so desperate for Elsie to stay happy in her car seat that we handed her the bag of cheddar popcorn. A mess that seemed very much worth it at the time...

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Nancy Holte said...

Totally worth it! For future reference, I hear that handing a toddler a box of bandages is a good way to keep them busy for a long time. They love to put them on themselves! Elsie might not have that coordination quite yet but Ivar would. Cleaner than Cheetos perhaps. :)