a summertime head cold

I've been down for the count this week with a horrible cold. Elsie has it too and together we are quite the stuffed up, achy pair. It means we haven't done much this week except begin new household programs like the one I made up today: Operation Off You Sister.

We also have watched a new family show each evening, a show we call "Letters!" Letters! is an awesome show with a wheel with numbers a guy named Pat and a lady named Vanna. The show is awesome because people call out Letters, which my kids are both very interested in, and then the letters show up on the board. It also helps that this week is Disney Cruise week, so Micky and Minnie make frequent appearances.

My friend Kandi brought us dinner last night when she heard I was sick. When she dropped it off I kept thanking her, feeling a bit embarrassed, but so, so grateful. She commented that at her other church they always brought meals for each other. I said, "well for sure when someone has had a baby or maybe just found out dire news, but we don't often give meals for the common cold." But we should. I appreciated that meal so much (tonight too!).

And finally...do you see that red and white structure behind the kitten? Rory has been building a mobile chicken coop this week, all ready for the 30 chicks that will be arriving in the mail one of these days. Every package that has been delivered this week has been inspected by Ivar, listening for peeping. We are all very excited for these chicks to arrive.


Paige Lathrop said...

Summer colds are the worst! Dan and the kids just got over one, so we understand your misery. I love that your friend from church recognized your suffering, though, and brought you a meal. So thoughtful!

Just wanted to add that Isabella and Noah to this day, still refer to the show you referenced as "The Letter Show". I'm not even sure they know the actual name of it. :)

So fun to keep up with you on here, my friend! I love reading about your life and all of the wonderful new adventures you're undertaking. It is my dream to come visit that beautiful farm of yours one day!!! And in just a couple of weeks, we'll be an hour and a half closer to you! Maybe next summer, we can make that dream a reality. Love and miss you lots!!!

Kandi said...

So glad you accepted the meal. It often times isn't easy to accept help when your used to being the helper. Love the chicken coop!