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The Stepping Stones Community Walk: Please Come!

Rory and I have become involved in our local pregnancy center, The Northfield Women's Center. Rory serves on the board, and recently I signed up to help lead a community walk for one of the many programs the center runs.

Here's what I love most about this center: they are fighting for the mama just as hard as they are fighting for the baby. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, there isn't much you could disagree with at this center. They are a life-affirming center that respects the unique situation of every woman. They help her see the value of her own life, and the value of the life of the baby she is carrying. 

They don't only want the baby to survive, they want the young mother to thrive.

So they work tirelessly to provide resources, programming, childcare and empowering education to help these moms find their footing once again.

I think the reason I adore Stepping Stones so much is because I get it. Stepping Stones is for young moms who need some help and support to get back on their feet. Hello. As a mom who is in the thick of it, and struggles herself, I can think of no more important work. I think I have been honest enough on the blog that it’s no surprise that motherhood has been hard for me. And I even have a supportive husband, an awesome mom, family in the area and friends who have all helped me. Stepping Stones is the safety net for the mama's who don't have such a broad support system.

Stepping Stones connects a young mom with an older woman in a one-on-one mentoring program. Together, they walk through a curriculum that helps the young mom see her future as one that is filled with hope, with a plan to not only get through the day at hand, but to dream about what her future might look like with an empowered heart.

And this is why I'm so excited about this walk. And why I really, really would love for moms and their families to walk it. Because moms fully know how hard the hard days can be and that a woman has to have help and support to keep things sane.

Frankly, I don't just want moms and dads and families to walk it. I want everyone who is able to come out and walk it.

The walk is one mile, paved and takes about 15 minutes to walk. It's a great little trek that ends at Mill Park in Dundas (where all of these pictures were taken). The walk begins at 10 am on (the date has changed to:) Saturday, August 16th at Rejoice Church in Dundas, right next to the Menards on Highway 3. It promises to be a fun morning, with the Stepping Stones Community Walk concluding in the heart of Celebrate Dundas the small town's big summer fair with food concessions, a kid’s carnival, a car show, musicians and a magician.

The cost is $30 a family for the walk, $15 for an individual. This is how we are raising money for Stepping Stones. We decided not to have people gather pledges and instead charge for the walk. The charge is basically a donation given to support the Stepping Stones mentoring program at The Northfield Women’s Center.

I really hope you will join us for this fun summer morning, supporting a program that is transforming lives, supporting moms as they get back on their feet and celebrating the community that we share.

And all are welcome. Whether you live in the area or are looking for a fun summer outing and want to support a program that supports and empowers young moms, I would love to have you join us.

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