sonna is seven

The May birthdays are here! A week after Mara's ladybug party, my niece Sonna had her Zebra party. Last year, you may remember was a rainbow theme, and this year was all black and white. She started her party with a scavenger hunt all over the neighborhood. It was pretty much pandemonium. Because nine first graders seem to come with a whole lot energy.

One of the stops on the scavenger hunt was to the neighbor's zip line. Which was a huge hit.

Sonna wasn't able to be in the picture with her zebra cake because she was too busy hanging out with the boys at the horsey swing. Sonna has a TON of personality and brings a whole lot of energy to every moment of the day.

Annika made this awesome zebra cake and the party was super fun. The kids ate those jelly bellies, where each color jelly bean is either something yummy or yucky. A peach colored jelly bean will either taste like peaches or vomit. Or a black jelly bean will either taste like skunk spray or black licorice. That game lasted a long time. And then the kids had hotdogs roasted over the fire and ended playing out under the pine trees in the way, way backyard.

We love you Sonna. You are so fun to be around, so full of creativity and energy. Yo have so much personality and confidence. You are amazingly talented at gymnastics and I envy your ability to do a cartwheel. :) I love you so much!

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annika said...

Beautiful! Thank you, Sweet Sister, for documenting this day for Sonna. We are blessed by your photography skills and blog. :)