lately I've been...

watching the snow melt like it's my job.

visiting preschools and deciding not to enroll Ivar next year. we'll do ecfe again and wait until he's four.

celebrating the release of Rory's latest weather software: Live Hail Reports.

picking our very first netflix subscriptions: downton abbey and trekkies.

cutting my kids' hair for the first (and last) time. called my high chair set-up the mini marshmallow barber shop. bribery is alive and well.

remembering to take my vitamins. i've started taking them with chocolate milk. because I never forget to take my chocolate milk.

writing notes not to forget garbage day. we forgot last week. is there anything more deflating than missing garbage day?!!

visiting the kittens multiple times a day. they are darling.

singing Let it Go every time my kids get their drippy noses and dirty fingers close to our brand new couch. holding my breath for the day I find pen and marker on the new chair.

hearing myself say aloud, "if everyone could just push in their chairs after each meal, it would help so much..." and then looking in every corner of our kitchen for my mom. because she always used to say that. and now I do too.

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val said...

just love. love, Val