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Elsie and Ido


+Elsie calls Ivar, "I do." One day she'll speak those words at her wedding. Until then, she uses them first thing when she wakes up, standing in her crib with her wrist twisted, palm up, shoulder scrunched "I do?"

+The kids play together all the time. It's a noticeable shift in their relationship. They mostly wrestle and roll on top of each other. It lasts long enough, until someone starts crying. (Not always Elsie...)  

+Elsie wakes up before Ivar during their afternoon nap. We'll play downstairs, but if I'm not watching her she will sneak upstairs, push his door open and poke him in his bed. This does not go over well with Ivar. Or with his mom. If I catch Elsie sneaking up the stairs, she will laugh and squeal, totally busted and then look at me very seriously as I carry her back down the stairs saying, "no. no. no. no. no."

+Ivar and I made up a new favorite game this week. It's called, "Ah! Company is coming!" During this game, I race around a chosen room trying to clean it as fast as possible. There is no company coming, but it's a pretty great mind game for me. Ivar loves how spazzy I become and runs around telling me, "Mom! The company is coming!" And then I scream and yell that I've got to hurry! 

+Along those lines, often when I go to pick up the living room and sunny room, I wish I had a rake to gather all the randomness that is strewn on the carpet into one big pile. I'd call it The Toy Rake or The Knee Saver.

 +Our kids are a blast. And the days seem to be going smoother. I recently told Rory, "What if we end up loving them being so close together?!!" (So far it has been trying and hairy and we'd space our next kids more than 20 months apart next time around.) But they're becoming play friends (which was the hope and plan from the beginning. The 20 months were intentional.) It's a joy to watch them play and wrestle and snuggle.

...and a joy to tuck them in for the night so that mama can have her alone time.


sarah in the woods said...

So precious! It is noticeable the close-in-age kids become such close friends. Miah and Larkin are 18 mos apart and good friends. Zahana and Rohan are 11 mos apart and act like twins. Elowen is almost two! She'll have to be content to be the doted-on baby !

val said...

So lovely. This reminded me of the time our house was strewn with debris and someone called, on their way over.

John, age 5, yelled at his brother, "Help us pick up so the don't know we are pigs."

(It was just a normal little house, strewn with toys and newspapers.)

We don't have newspapers anymore. I don't miss the mess, but something about them is a bit nostalgic.

Becca. I love your blog.

love, Val

Margaret harrington said...

Thanks, Becca! We look at these pics every much love and happiness!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

So cute. I love it!

Presley calls Park "Gah." It melts me every time.