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Ivar is three today!

A few favorite quotes from the past few weeks:

Me: Ivar, do you understand why you got a time out?

Ivar: Because I was dumping rocks out!

Me: Yes. I told you three times to stop dumping rocks out of the rock box, but you kept doing it. You even looked at me while you were doing it. That is very naughty and that is called disobedience.

Ivar: (whispering like he's amazed) oh that is craaaaaazy.


Rory was gone picking up our babysitter and I was getting the kids fed before we left for the crisis pregnancy center banquet. I set before Ivar a cold hot dog, a string cheese and a cup of raspberry yogurt. He exclaimed with the hot dog in one fist and the cheese in the other, "Oh that is fun that I am having a meal!"


Ivar was rolling around on the floor and lifted up his shirt, "ow! I skinned my feelings right here!"


My sweet joy boy. You light up my life every single day. Today you are three years old. 

You are fun-loving, social, and silly. You love playing game boards taking out all the pieces and making up your own ways to play. You get frustrated easily and have a real knack for throwing yourself on the floor. You don't want Elsie to play with your toys, but you are never more than a foot away from her at any given moment because you adore her. The two of you laugh and giggle until someone starts crying. You love your family, love your blue and green blanket, and told me tonight, "Svea, Uncle Kyle and Natalee are the best of friends." The three of them don't know each other, so I think you were telling me that they are your best friends. 

You are a sweet boy. I am so glad you're my boy.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Ivar! Also, you are looking great in your boots and skinny jeans :)

val said...


love, Val

Anonymous said...

Becca, I love your blog and your writing. Keep it up, don't ever stop! You write so beautifully. I wish I had your gift. Your thoughts about your day to day life are so heartfelt and evocative. Your musings are a wonderful gift for your descendants. Think of Aunt Jan's book....
Love, Cathy and Chuck