riding in the combine

There are moments when I feel so, so grateful for our country life. Like weeknights when a friend calls to see if we want to have tater tot hotdish on the floor of her soon-to-be finished home on her in-laws farm. And if we'd like to go for rides in the combine after dinner.

We ate our dinner picnic style where her new living room will go, and I felt anxious the whole time her husband (the farmer) sat with us. He was pretty casual, but I know farmers don't have time to stop and host company. I felt anxiety from a lifetime of harvests, knowing full well that our time to talk with Uncle Jake was when we were in the combine with him. Any other time, just try to stay out of the way. These guys are busy!

Ivar got to go on the first ride with his pal Natalee. They are just the sweetest friends. And then Elsie and I went for a ride with Bennet. Elsie freaked out during most of our first pass, but calmed down for the second pass.

Ivar is just the luckiest boy...and doesn't even know that not everyone gets to hop in a combine on a Monday night.


Unknown said...

Love this - what a sweet picnic!

Brenton Balvin said...

Wow, that house looks like it is going to be beautiful. Props to Rory for wearing his John Deere hat!