our forest room trail

We found a little trail just a few minutes from our house that leads to a waterfall. It is a beautiful walk and reminded me a lot of a good forest room adventure. Felt like our family was living out one of their days.


Today I told Rory the following story and he begged me to write it down. It has nothing to do with the pictures above...

I finally got around to calling my credit card company to tell them that I had changed addresses (one year later). I called, pushed all the right numbers to get to the correct menu, entered my sixteen digit account number and then heard Ivar screaming bloody murder out in the garage.

I ran to the garage to see him terrified and telling the chickens to get away. I told him they were coming to him because we had dried corn in his hand that he was feeding them. But he didn't get the cause and effect. He insisted I put him in the stroller that was collapsed next to the trash cans. So with my phone to my ear, credit card papers in my mouth, and a dried ear of corn in one hand, I tried to expand my heavy, uncooperative stroller.

And then I stepped in chicken poo. I felt it between my toes.

The corn slipped from my hand, the stroller wouldn't open, and just as a human voice began to speak my phone dropped from my ear splitting open and popping out the battery.

And that is why it has taken me a full 365 days to call the credit card company.


Lacy said...

Ha!! And it happens every time I'm on the phone...every time.

val said...

LOL! love, Val

sarah in the woods said...

i think we should live near each other. That way we can go on adventures together and watch each other's kids while the other one is waiting for human voices.

annika said...

Preach it, Sister!

Nancy Holte said...