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Dear Elsie: one year old

Elsie. You are joy to me. You are delightful and strong-willed and beautiful. You are funny and attached and adorable in a bow. You are my sweet baby girl and you just turned one.

We got to celebrate your birthday up at Mount Carmel with a whole lot of both sides of the families gathered to celebrate the big day. You slept through lunch, but we got you up for cake.

You are sort of a new girl to me lately. Always looking to catch my eye. Ready to flash me your teeth with a big smile. You love music and dancing. If I start to sing, you immediately begins to bob. You let us know when you don't like a new food. I liken it to a slow moving conveyor belt in reverse. The food just slowly starts moving back out of your mouth via your tongue. It's entertaining to me every time.

Today you pieced your first two words together. We were finishing lunch after church and I told you that it was time for a nap. As I picked you up, you waved to your dad and said, "Na Na, Ada." Which obviously translates to "night, night, Da da."

You love playing in the water: at the ocean, in lake carlos and at bath time. You also seem to really like your bedtime routine, locking eyes with me as you drink your bottle, lifting your little foot up to my chin and giggling when I try to kiss it.  As soon as you have burped you try to crawl out of my arms into your crib. You love your sleep and rarely put up a fight anymore.

You are so well loved.  Happy Birthday sweet girl.


annika said...

What a little sweetheart. These are precious pictures. It was such a fun time together! xo

Paige Lathrop said...

Wow, one-year old already!!! How exciting! Happy birthday to little Miss Elsie. Even though I've never even met you yet, I feel like I already know you through your mom's sweet blog. You seem like you're so happy and full of life, and we can't wait to see you one day. We really need to get our act together and make the voyage to MN soon!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Oh so sweet! Love her. We really need to get Elsie and Presley together for a play date sometime.