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chicken update

I've heard that I've been slacking in the chicken posts lately. I think the reason I've slowed on my chicken reporting is because now that they are outside with a fence, they don't require a whole lot of attention. They are the easiest animals on the planet. We give them new feed and water every morning and hook the door closed in the evening. And they're happy. And they love us. And they continue to entertain our children.

So up top there is Hamburgerpoopedonthecarpet. A beauty.

And this here is Eggs. Eggs is quite aggressive. I think he is a bully. And I also think he thinks he is at the top of the pecking order.

But here is Almonzo flapping his wings, who I think actually is at the top of the pecking order. He just has confidence like that. I think Eggs is insecure and gets into other chickens business to exert his wanted authority. But Almonzo really is the Alpha Male. Sort of a whole Scar versus Mufasa thing.

I don't have much to report on Zumbrota. This bird sort of gets lost in the bunch, beautiful and black, she or he doesn't seem to need too much extra attention.

Still the favorite is Legos. Our delightful niece, Josie, is here for a few nights and has confirmed that Legos is the most social. Legos lets Josie hold her and is always the first to come out to say hello when she goes for a visit. Plus, just look at how awesome and fluffy this bird is!

And finally, below is Butterscotch Cookies, another bird that doesn't make too much of a scene. Butterscotch is pretty chill, and reminds me a bit of that one guy Bull on that court show that used to be on channel nine on Saturday afternoons growing up. (thanks to a google search: the Bailiff Bull Shannon on Night Court) I'll get a close up and to a comparison another day.

We're thinking we've got a good number of Roosters in the bunch. Which is a total bummer. Because we were going for eggs. But the boys still aren't too loud. At the moment their morning sounds are more like chain smokers barking out a "rook-a-doo" first think in the morning.

But they'll get louder I'm afraid. And when the full on cock-a-doodle-doo comes, we'll have to figure something out since we like our neighbors and want them to keep liking us.

Having Josie here has been a blast. Last night I used her as a model for the picture I needed for The Soul Sisterhood post that went up today. Be sure to go over and check today's post on the importance of a Strong Finish. 


hootenannie said...

I'm afraid of Eggs. He looks cray.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

I agree with Annie's comment. LOL.