the silver lining

My top strength is Positivity, so let's give this a whirl. On the plus side, it is the kind of snow that takes gorgeous pictures. It's the heavy stuff that won't be around for long. The perfect snow for snowmen, snow forts and snow caterpillars.

Also, we're glad that no one was in the baby swing when that big branch came down. That's a good thing. Another good thing is that we just got a chainsaw. And since we can hear lots of big branches falling out in our woods, that'll be put to good use.

And for the kids of our town, this has been a record setting year for school being cancelled. And so that's fun. Snow days are awesome.  Even my bible study was cancelled this morning, which was nice for me since Elsie was up all night with the violent flu. But she's napping now and has kept a bottle down so that's looking brighter too.

Oh, and we just completed our last batch of sap in our evaporator (pictured with the cylinder cement block chimney) so it is okay that it is covered in snow again.

All in all, it's looking like we'll spend another day on the couch, this time watching the new John Deere Tractor dvd Ivar picked out at the library last night. A lay low day, we call it.

And that's my best attempt at positivity. The bottom line: we know this stuff can't stick around for long!


Kristen said...

It looks so pretty!! I'm sure you guys are probably sick of that look, but I haven't seen any pretty snow in a long time. It makes my heart happy to see some great snow pics!

elsak said...

LOVE the snow caterpillars! You are definitely one of the most gifted people I know at being positive. Hang in their, sweet cousin! I see your beautiful smile every day when I am in my kitchen. There's a picture on the fridge of a group of us sitting and visiting at Grandma B's calling hours, most of the girl cousins with a few babies. Ivar is in your lap and you have a tired look in your eyes. Actually, most of us have that look that comes with losing someone dear, but you were also dealing with morning sickness, I believe? Elsie on the way. But I love that picture because it has a bunch of tired mamas in it who all carry the memory of our precious Grandmother, that brave example of motherhood, in them. It's a picture that holds the hard stuff of life, losing, with the beauty of deep thanksgiving. I've been reading Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts" and I am grateful that I can see in family an understanding of how gratitude begets joy.

Becca Groves said...

Kristen, soak it up in the pictures. We're trying really hard today to keep our chins up!

And Elsa, I love that picture. My mom has a copy of that one too. I can picture it well. 'Grandma: that brave example of motherhood." I love that. I think of her often, running her household, raising her kids, humming... We talk a lot about Great Grandma around here. Keeps her near.

And enjoy that book. I pick it up every so often. It's calming and good.


Unknown said...

You know Cameron loves john deere tractor videos. We have all 4 of them and watch them over and over and over and over again. I can tell you more than your would ever want to know about a john deere 8020 tractor. Did you know they only build 100 of them? I could go on for hours.

Just enjoying your blog, Rory sent it to me so I can read about maple syrup.

Have a good day!