blooming spring

This is our first springtime at our new house and it has been so fun to see what pops up. It's all a surprise. We had no idea those tulips under the coop were there when we first set the coop in place. I felt bad for them, assuming they wouldn't survive, but they seem to love it under the coop. The yellow tulips shot up in the middle of the yard, with a few purple ones nearby. And I am so glad to still have lilacs. That was one of my favorite parts of our yard in Minneapolis. I love that smell more than anything.

But of all the flowers, the ones that are delighted in the most are "The Dandylands!"


margaret harrington said...

You are right! Svea just looked at these pics and when she saw the dandelions,said"yay!"

Shannon said...

It all happens so fast! You were just singing around your Christmas tree, again. So happy that spring DID come!

Shannon said...

Spring did arrive! And it happened so quickly!