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a fence for the chickens

We had a few hysterical moments trying to get the chickens back in their coop when we had to leave to go somewhere. These birds are fast and they are big and they can turn on a dime. So Rory built the fence and now they can be in and out all day long, and when the sun goes down we go out and close the door to the coop, keeping them safe and sound throughout the night.

They seem to like the set up and spend lots of time going up and down the chicken run. Or hanging out at the door.

Ivar visits the chickens many times a day, bringing them lots of snacks. He gave them carrots and snow peas and those remain right where they landed. But the bread and cheerios were better received.

The chickens continue to grow. And now we're waiting for a cock-a-doodle-doo. I hope that doesn't happen too soon. I do love these birds.

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FirewalkerRev said...

Classic chicken coop! How fun!