the chicken coop

Rory is a doer. I've said that many times before, but it always amazes me to watch him in action. We knew we were going to build our own coop, but then Rory decided he would draw up his own plans. This is the final sketch and it will be awesome. At the moment he is out in the garage, finished with the base and legs and now beginning to build the walls. I'll have much to report on Monday.

Speaking of chickens, I entered Legos into a chicken competition. No fighting in this one, just good looks. If you would, stop by the Backyard Farmer to vote for Legos (it's a great blog...I just started reading). In all honesty, the chicken Legos is up against is really cute too (her name is Ugly Stepsister. So funny.) so it will be a tough win. But with your help, little Legos might stand a chance. Go and vote now.

On Monday I'll be back with pictures of our chickens at three weeks old. I am taking pictures of them once a week...I can't get over how quickly they change.

And speaking of change, Elsie is also growing before my very eyes. She is army crawling with great speed and now says, "Mama." It's my favorite sound in the world. She screams with delight at the chicks and if close enough, tries to grab them. It's pretty adorable all the way around: chicks cheeping and babies squealing.


Jeff Braun said...

Never considered chickens cute, but Legos got my vote today. Good luck!

Becca Groves said...

So funny Jeff. I might just be becoming a crazy chicken lady. And I might already be one.

Thanks for the vote! Last I looked we were 3 to 2. Neck and neck! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! I can't believe how big Elsie is either! I voted for Legos and saw the "competition" for myself. (Ugly Stepsister doesn't stand a chance!) latest poles are 18 to 2. Yay Legos!
-Josie Groves