March Reflections: the importance of sleep and melting snow

March was a slow month with lots more snow and cold while rejoicing at every single sign of spring!

Above, Elsie is wearing a bonnet that I wore when I was her age. I love it. I think she'll be wearing it a lot this spring. Because guess what? She's a red head. Not sure when I can officially call it, maybe baby hair changes color? But at the moment it seems I will have a fair skinned, red head. (As if she could get any cuter!) I'm already nervous about skin protection.

Alright, without further adieu, here are my March Reflections:

Elsie is sleeping for 10-12 hour stretches now. And we are new creations. I still wake up and obsess over stupid things and am trying really hard to break the middle-of-the-night routine of self critique. Reading lots of books and having helpful conversations. Feels like progress.

Long Winters eventually bring Great Joy
Historically, I like winter. I always get excited about snow and on the whole, enjoy the season. But this year it was so cold and the ice made walks outside treacherous. So outdoor play wasn't really an option, walks seemed risky and the winter was/is long (25 degrees today...) Everyone is feeling it. Everyone.

However. When the snow does start to melt and the temperatures do warm up, there is a shared elation that it hard to describe. If it's 40 degrees we ditch our big coats and make fast runs from our cars into buildings. People attack their driveways with gladness, helping the water flow into the street, assisting the snow in melting faster anyway we can. Some shovel their banks out onto the road so the blacktop can melt it quickly. We get desperate. We are ready to see green grass and tulips and daffodils and tree buds. The sound of ripping the plastic off of our windows sounds like many hallelujahs. We are so ready.

Brussels Sprouts
I've been making brussels sprouts for lunch lately. And it was only after emailing someone about this new favorite veggie did I realize that the Brussels is plural. I've always called them Brussel Sprouts.

Now, if you're looking for something yummy, put some olive oil (quite a bit) and onion in a skillet, throw in your halved brussels sprouts, let them brown up nicely, cover with a lid and then add some chopped salami or ham or already cooked bacon. And then sprinkle with a bit of sugar (they are so bitter!) or some chopped apple and walnuts and finally some Parmesan cheese (I like shaved...)  It is so yummy and hearty and Rory likes it too.

Ivar does not.

I am not finished yet.
I hosted the Groves family for Easter yesterday. It was my first time hosting for a holiday since we now have the room to have the family over. The day was nice, but I didn't have the coffee stuff together for the dessert, didn't have the forks or spoons ready and just felt sort of scattered. I told Rory that I want to check out some Emily Post books at the library and maybe take one of those refining classes where you balance books on your head. Rory said, "you mean finishing school?" And I said, "Yes! I am not finished yet!"

And now, be sure to come back tomorrow for a big announcement. We have added to our family. More than doubled it, in fact. These pictures might kill you with cuteness.

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