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body image and baby bangs

We came home from the library with this book in the stack. Ivar loves it and constantly asks if we can go there. He likes the idea of going swimming.

I love the book because each page is like body therapy for me.  Each mom pictured seems to say to me, "it's okay. we've got little kids. life is hairy. you're doing your best. we're all okay. besides, you are most beautiful when you are taking good care of your kiddos"

The words are few in this book, but very accurate. And the facials on the mom are awesome. She looks tuckered after this adventure.

Having babies take a toll on the body. And being chronically tired often results in lots of high sugar "quick energy" grabs. And having kids can lead a mom to many thoughts about her identity and all that it means to be "Mama" but also all that it means to still be "Becca." And as if all of that were not enough, she's given a mohawk of whispy hairs, right in the front of her forehead, called Baby Bangs.

I never got baby bangs with Ivar. But I'm making up for that now. I saw a friend post a picture of her baby bangs on instagram and it made me laugh out loud. Thought I'd post my magnificent front poof in an attempt to laugh at the mess I have to deal with each morning.


annika said...

You rock the baby bangs! Just wait until you have Silvery GREY baby bangs. Much love,

annika said...

Just wait until they are silver/grey baby bangs. Love, your big sis.

Unknown said...

Hey, Becca! I'm going to be in Minneapolis the 3rd week in May for a conference. Would love to reconnect. Email me if you are interested...Hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh..... Baby bangs! How dreaded they are... I will warn you, they get worse with each baby. By the time I had my 4th, it looked like I had a mullet placed over bad extensions!
But, I suppose it was worth it to look at the cutest face I have ever seen everyday!

Thanks for bringing awareness to the fact that, No- we don't all have bad haircuts... We just have babies ;)


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... Baby bangs.... how dreaded they are. I will warn you, they get worse with each baby. By the time I had my 4th, I looked like I had a mullet on top of bad extensions! Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay to look at the cutest face I've ever seen everyday!

Thanks for bring awareness to the fact that No, we don't all have bad haircuts, we just have babies!


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

What Tiffany said about baby bangs! Haha... Except, mine post-Presley, are not just bangs; they are all over the crown of my head. My stylist and I had quite the laugh at my last appointment over all the short regrowth that was happening, resulting in many spikey shorties. :)