spring break sledding

My folks came over today with Mara, Sonna and Svea. Everyone went outside for a bit while we took turns pulling the sled. Elsie really seemed to enjoy the ride.

Mara is spending the night now for a special sleepover. When the little kids went down for their naps Mara and I decided to make chocolate milk. And when we poured the milk we were surprised by a few soggy croutons that splattered into our glasses. After a bit of investigation and recollection, it was determined that Ivar was busying himself during lunch while no one was looking. He was the only one sitting by both the salad and the nearly full gallon of milk.

Thankfully we had another gallon and had a good laugh while drinking our chocolate milk.


val said...

I love your blog.

That is all.

love, Val

where the hart is said...

Croutons in milk is the best thing I've heard since crayons in the strawberries--which was also Ivar. :)

Becca Groves said...

Aw, thanks Val!

And alyssa, I don't even remember the crayons in the strawberries...which basically says how often events like this seem to happen in my house. never a dull moment. I have another egg picture to share soon. Ivar is really into eggs. And breaking them...