a request for prayers

 "Calvin is now resting in the Pediatric ICU. The surgery went well. Once started the plan to go forward with the graft proved successful! This was what we were feeling God said the plan would be. This is also the less traumatic to Calvin's body."

This came in last night. Please continue to keep Calvin in your prayers. He will be sedated until Wednesday so this fight isn't over, but the surgery went well and for that we are all so grateful. 

Earlier this week my favorite miracle, Calvin, turned two years old. I wrote last time about Calvin after he walked into my kitchen with his mom and dad. You can read all about that visit here.

Today Calvin is going back to the hospital for another surgery. And in the words of his dad, this is the most complicated and medically dangerous surgery yet.

His dad wrote the following on his Caring Bridge site:
"Over the past weeks as the surgery date keeps getting closer we have felt the weight of the situation set in heavier and heavier.  We have been called upon by God to bring up this little boy and take care of him.  We know he is God and continually have had to give him up through this process time and again.  Although we didn’t have to wait like Abraham did for Isaac, we do feel Calvin is a promise and we have to bring him to the alter again.  I never would have known the weight that comes with this if he wasn't my own son, being a father puts a spin on it.  I feel these past two years have brought me closer to understanding God’s love for us, that he sent his son to be in our place.  

With that all said, a peace about everything has been given to us.  Please pray for continued peace, health, strength and endurance to keep up with this race.  Specifically for the surgery pray, for wisdom, that God’s hands will perform the surgery, a hedge of protection and quick healing for Calvin.  We are calling on you, our prayer team, to pray, enlist more warriors to join us in petitioning heaven for this little boys most complicated and medically dangerous surgery yet.  We thank you for standing with us.  The surgery will start at 3pm on Friday and is planned for 3 to 4 hours.  We will update once we have news to report.  Please comment and let us know where you are praying for Calvin, it comforts us to know our friends are with us."

So today, on Good Friday, please pray for little Calvin. And for Scott and Emily, his strong and courageous mom and dad.


Marlene said...

We've been thinking about little Calvin ever since we woke up today. We're praying for him, his parents and his doctors!

Marlene said...

We've been thinking about little Calvin ever since we woke up today. We're praying for him, his parents and his doctors!

Nancy Holte said...

I didn't get this read in time to pray for his surgery but I am now praying for his quick recovery. Please keep me posted.