forest room art yarn

I have been waiting for a very long time to order some yarn from Sarah in the Woods. She dyes her yarn, uses a drum carder and then spins it. I like to pretend I understand what that all entails, but I don't. All I know is that she makes gorgeous yarn. So the week before my birthday, I decided it was time to pick out my own from her etsy shop. It arrived two days before I turned 32 and I opened that package with so much joy. It is so beautiful.

I have an idea for my art yarn. I am thinking about wrapping a hard cover journal with the yarn. I haven't thought this idea all the way through (how to adhere the yarn to the cover...) but I think it would be such a pretty way to see it everyday. Until then, it is set on our china hutch on display.

 If you're looking for a very one of a kind, unique, glorious gift, be sure to check out Forest Room Art Yarns.


where the hart is said...

I bet the camp counselor in you was dreaming of the awesome looking friendos that yarn would make. :)

sarah in the woods said...

Thanks, Becca. Can't wait to see your journal!