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MC Summer Staff

Rory and I lived at Mount Carmel from April to September in 2007 when I worked as the Summer Staff Coordinator. This is the staff I got to work with. They were awesome.

The most important part of a great summer camp is a phenomenal summer staff.

I have recruited, interviewed, hired and trained four different camp staffs. I have spent a lot of time talking to college age students (and sometimes post college) telling them all the reasons why working at camp for the summer will likely be one of the best decisions of their life. And I mean it. And a lot of people decide to apply.

When Rory heard my stories after weeks of recruiting in  college student centers he would tell me I needed to go into sales. He said I was natural and could be very successful in this field.

I told him I am good at "selling" a summer of camp counseling because I believe in what I am selling with my whole heart. It's not hard to sell when you love your product. And I love summer camp. Every student has the same reasons why they shouldn't (need to make more money, a boyfriend at home, summer school classes to take) but in the end, I can't really think of one soul who would look back and regret having spent a summer working at camp.

If you know of someone looking for the best summer job in the whole wide world, encourage them to apply to work at Mount Carmel. They are looking to hire college age and older, men and women, in the following areas:
  • nursery care
  • preschool, elementary, middle and high school counselors
  • maintenance
  • a marketing assistant
  • an office assistant
  • hospitality and housekeeping 
  • audio visual
  • lifeguards
  • musicians (guitar players!)
The application process and application is online here. Print it out, send it to them with a personal note. Send them to my blog to see pictures and to get a better feel. They'll thank you at the end of the summer! Promise.

**and yes, that is me singing in the video (with a bunch of kids at Mount Carmel in 2007). I believe this version of Jesus Loves Me was written by some counselors at FLBC a few summers before I worked there. Ivar has been singing this version lately :)


Kristen said...

I worked at a summer camp in western Nebraska for four summers, and I agree completely! It's been three years since I spent a summer there and every summer I want to go back! Working at camp was easily the best decision I ever completely changed my life...and it was a ton of fun!

Lindsey said...

Love this! You may want to warn any applicants that they will come back heavier than ever (I know I did!) from all the delicious food... especially the Mount Carmel Rolls.

where the hart is said...

Certainly the best decision I ever made! and so thankful I was part of your staff!

Becca Groves said...

I love all of this! This is the sort of enthusiasm I was talking's hard to find someone who doesn't look back on their summers of camp counseling with a grateful heart. Thanks ladies for adding your two cents!