Dear Elsie/ 6 months

Oh Elsie Belle. I cannot get enough of you.

You are six months. What on earth?!! You are rolling over from back to belly, you babble and gab all day long. You popped your first tooth just last week and constantly have something in your mouth whetted by a whole lot of drool. You are happy, you are calm, you like to be held and up off the floor and tonight you took a bottle! Oh Elsie! We are so proud and hopeful! 

Your dad calls you gorgeous. All the time. So now your brother does too. "Hello Gorgeous," Ivar will say in the mornings. He loves standing on your crib looking in at you. And he loves having you join him in his crib to sing songs before his nap. You two look at each other and you touch his head and he yells, "Elsie tickle Ivar!" And he thinks you are so silly, which makes you laugh too.

You have very strong abs and can do a good crunchie if your laying in your bouncer and would rather be upright. You still tip over without pillows, but propped with a barricade of cushions you can hold your own for a bit. You have now gotten used to rice cereal and oatmeal, sweet potatoes, pears and peaches. And wow can you eat. You are messy, but you are turning out to be another great eater. We're so glad.

Elsie, I can't wait to get you outside once springtime has come. This winter has been filled with hibernation, but I am excited to get you out and on a blanket, taking in a Minnesota summer. Until then, we'll just snuggle up and delight in the joy of having a baby to cuddle. 



[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

She truly is gorgeous! What a sweetie. Happy six months, Elsie!

Becca Groves said...

Love doing this mama thing with you, Beth. Feels grounding.