my one thousandth blog post

I told Rory, "I think this whole blogging thing isn't just a passing fancy. I think I'm in it for the long haul." That was probably clear at post number three hundred. But I wrote another seven hundred posts just to be sure.

I started thinking about how cool it would be if I kept this thing up for another one thousand posts, and how technically, when I am sixty five, I could still be blogging. What an odd thought. Though I love having life documented like this and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Anyway, to commemorate my one thousandth post, I thought I would tip my hat to a few of my favorite blogs. These are the bloggers I look up to. These are the ones that inspire me to keep it up. I love the blogging community. Love being a part of others lives in this way. 

For example,
Elise Blaha is one of my favorite bloggers. She is full of imagination and diy projects. She makes me feel like I can try and accomplish anything new. I love that feeling. I have never met her, she doesn't know me at all, and yet I squealed when she recently posted that she is pregnant with their first. That is the crazy-amazing thing about blogging. The strange closeness you feel to the blogger after following their life through pictures and stories. I personally love this. 

Marta Dansie is another all time favorite. Marta is a stay-at-home mom and a graphic design artist. I read her blog long before Ivar was born and I so appreciate her happiness in being at home with her sons all day, her devotion to her husband and family and the way she paints homemaking in such a lovely light. I have learned a lot from her. 

Hootenannie. Love this blog. She is so funny, so adventurous and so, so honest. Can't say enough good things. Read this post if you're looking to laugh out loud. Funny, funny stuff. This post gives a good feel too.  I have never met Annie either, though just a few weeks ago I left a comment on her blog, she emailed and said she reads my blog and it turns out we have been following each others lives for years, while not knowing it. I adore her and her blog and was so flattered to think she reads this one!

The Forest Room is a blog that has actually transformed the way I see my future. I mean that. Sarah makes homeschooling look incredibly fun. And challenging. But so worthwhile. Her pictures are amazing, and the outdoor adventures she takes with her kids are inspiring. I may or may not home school one day (this feels far, far away) and we live in a great school district, but the creativity, imagination and intention she brings to her kids education makes me excited about teaching my kids, whether they go to public school or not.

Lisa Jo Baker. I am very new to this blog, but I can't get enough. Lisa has taken on the role of Cheerleader To The Mothers. She is a Christian who writes candidly about the hardships of motherhood, while shining a beautiful, encouraging light on how important and noble the call of the mom is. I feel understood when I read her blog. Like she's watched me in action and knows the parts of my duties that I struggle with. She's a good read.

And a quick word to you, faithful readers: I want to thank you for stopping by this blog so often. Truth be told, I would write on this blog if it was just my mom and sister reading (they had better read!) but it is so super fun to have such a great group of people reading what I write. I have always seen my life in stories, but since starting this blog Rory will often beat me to the punch saying, "oh, get a picture. this should go on the blog."

Here's to many more pictures and stories. Thanks for reading.


hootenannie said...



I imagine that hanging out with you would be full of giggles and really silly things, but then serious talk and probably tears, interspersed with opinions about bangs and whether or not our respective hairs should have them.

Let's make it happen someday.

sarah in the woods said...

Congratulations, Becca! I'm so touched that you mentioned me. I'll have to check out those other blogs.
Happy blogging!

brittany said...

Random connection time: Tim took Annie's place at university pres in Seattle. They share a birthday. Love you Becca. Thanks for blogging faithfully. I love the connection you give me to all my Minnesota cousins. :)

Becca Groves said...

Annie. Can't wait. One day we're going to do exactly this. While doing something full of adventure. Maybe climbing a mountain or kayaking across a lake. Or maybe no adventure. Maybe in a lay low lodge or something.

And Brittany. (and Annie too, I suppose) That is crazy-pants. When I read this the first time I said aloud, "wait, what? where? wow." and then I thought about how many words I had just said that start with a W.
But this is really small world stuff. Amazing. And I had never pieced it together.

And Brittany, I cannot wait for the Groves Family Reunion. Cannot wait. See you at the tea cups.

brittany said...

Yes! I can't wait!!

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...


Love helping to make the e-world a friendlier place.

Becca Groves said...

Beth. Yes. It totally was you! I am vaguely remembering this linked to one of her posts once and I was hooked. You absolutely get the credit for this online cyber connection! :)