yellow soybeans

We've lived in our new house for a little over one month now and actually feel very settled. In a lot of ways it feels like we have been here a whole lot longer. With a new baby, this is quite remarkable. Many have commented on how organized our house is already. Every box has been unpacked or categorized in the garage for storage. I impress myself. The house looks great.

But something happened when I saw the first of the soybeans begin to turn. I know that sounds so stupid, but I'm not kidding. I was driving to Target about a week or so ago and I saw the a little patch of yellow in the middle of all of the green and I took a big, huge deep sigh and dropped my shoulders. It was a physical reaction. And whatever supernatural, miraculous maternal adrenaline I was given in order to make this move and have this baby just disappeared. In that moment I hit my wall. I ran out of steam. And I am so dog tired.

It was awesome while it lasted, but it means that now I have to go to bed way earlier. And I should take a nap when I can. And I really don't need to sort and organize more boxes for a long, long time. And I probably should start exercising, cutting back on dr. pepper and making sure I eat foods that will give me energy. Which is a bummer, because mint chip ice cream is so good.

So the plan now is to take it easy this fall and hibernate this winter. Just hole up and never go anywhere.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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