the whole blog truth

I've mentioned this before.

Blogs are never the whole truth. There are lots of reasons for this...but today I'll focus on just one: I tend to blog based on pictures I have taken. And I only get the camera out for moments I would like to remember. Days like Saturday are filled with great pictures: a blissful day at the Dakota County Fair filled with tractors, corn-on-the-cob, cows and very, very happy children.

But days like yesterday, a run-of-the-mill Monday, the camera never comes out. No pictures are taken and the day goes by unrecorded.

But Monday happened and was just as much a part of my life as Saturday was. So today I am going to record it in words.

My Monday really began early Sunday morning with Rory and I both wide awake with an upset Elsie from 1-3 am. We were trying to figure out what I ate, why she was so gassy and were pleased by the Olympic reruns to help distract us from our upset baby.

Sunday night had a similar wakeful time, leaving me completely wiped out by the time Monday morning came around.

My plan from the moment I got out bed was to keep my pajamas on and to wear my glasses so that I would be ready to take a nap when my kids did.

Why that is the recipe for a train wreck day, I will never know. But it always is, isn't it? Because Ivar never napped. And at 7 pm, I finally resolved that the nap was not going to happen for me either.

The day never really started. I was putting out little fires here and there, tending to a crabby boy and a don't-put-me-down baby girl. We moved from room to room, leaving messes in each one. And finally the day was over.

Did I take pictures of any of this? No. Because my family wasn't quite what you would consider photogenic. But if you want to take a mental snap shot, you can picture me with my long bangs I am trying to grow out, stuck in my eyes all day. With big dark circles under my eyes and a nursing bra that had a broken clip on one side and tank top covered in spit up. And the odds are very good I am popping a donut hole in my mouth.

Obviously that picture isn't going on the blog. (Well, maybe just the donut holes...yum.)

Just keep this in mind as you read my blog, or anyone else's, or as you look at perfect facebook pictures, witty and clever twitter updates and everything else we throw out there to project ourselves as nothing less than perfect.


Jamie Willow said...

ain't that the truth.

for me, it's the softees donuts...and I can eat a whole box and gain 5 lbs in a sitting...oh joy. I am tempted to go get a box even now ;)

Rachel said...

Thank you for your honesty! Glazed donut holes, my favorite :-)

this is our story said...

read this and it made me miss you even more. love it all. keepin it real. :)

Sarah McQuade said...

Thanks for posting this. Honesty is always refreshing. I've been super overwhelmed with baby wrangling myself and it made me smile to know we're in the same camp. Hang in there. Looking forward to whenever we can get together and meet our new little ones!