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olympic count down

Are you ready? Because the Olympic Opening Ceremonies are upon us. Today marks our three week count down. We had the greatest closing ceremonies buffet two years ago during the winter olympics...remember it? I think I'm still digesting it.

Anyway, I had high hopes of having another party for this Olympics, but instead I think we'll move that day. A different kind of party, really. But be sure you check out this post for some pretty awesome olympic ideas...if I do say so myself. A Doritos torch? That's clever stuff...


Nancy Holte said...

I often think of your Olympic party. It's how we became friends! Love it! I was going to do one this year but instead, I'll be in Panama on a mission trip (or close to going.) Maybe for the next winter Olympics. :) Hope your moves goes well.

Jordan Miller-Stubbendick said...

Yeah!!!! I've been thinking of your awesome Olympics party as Adam and I have been watching the swimming, gymnastics, and track and field trials. I am very much wishing that we could have another Olympics party this time around, but since we can't, I will remember the last party fondly, and watch the Olympics with you in spirit!