life lately

Six days after Elsie was born, the four of us moved out of our house so we could take apart the beds and cribs and box up the rest of our life. Our Ford Focus once again acted up on moving day. That car hates to move.

Seven days after Elsie was born we closed on the sale of our house and signed our names 900 times.

Eight days after Elsie was born we made the move with a 24 foot Uhaul packed to the ceiling.

Nine days after Elsie was born we hung the baby swing in the big oak tree in our new front yard, unpacked the kitchen and got the lawn mower charged and ready to ride.

And now we are living between our new house and my parents home, watching the Olympics, napping and getting our boxes unpacked.

It actually has gone quite smoothly. I'm exhausted, but that's sort of to be expected. Elsie is a champ and my parents have been fantastic in holding all the pieces together by holding a baby late at night,  getting up with a little boy at the crack of dawn and keeping this mama well fed. We couldn't do this without them.


emilyberit said...

Wow! Nice work on getting things done. Love the community you have around you! Don't be a stranger now that you've left Mpls!

annika said...

What a sweet post. These are the days . . . And it WILL slow down again. This Fall or Winter once you are feeling settled in you will look back and know you are Superwoman. Superwoman with a loving, supportive community! xoxo

Meta Herrick Carlson said...

You are so amazing. And so is your wide and lovely village. Someday Ivar and Elsie will be facing impossible things all at once that require all kinds of energy and you will be there to help them, too. So much love.

Renee said...

Diddo the other posts and wonder, how do you still have time to blog??? A.MAZ.ING!