Well that was fast. They didn't even have time to put the "real" for sale sign in the front yard!'

We put our house on the market at 2:00 on Saturday and had two showings on Sunday, three on Monday and one on Tuesday. By Sunday night we had two credible offers. Quite the great situation to be in. Made me wonder if we were getting rid of the best house in the world.

Yesterday afternoon we sat down with our realtor, made our selection and signed our names and initials many, many times. And just like that, our house is sold.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that we will not have to show this house for weeks and months. It cleans up easily enough, but Ivar is a champion at touching every glass surface in between showings, taking treasures from one room and putting them in the next, undoing all that was just done. I feel so fortunate that we can just live here again... with our kitchen garbage can out of the cupboard, laptops left out, and the high chair put back by the kitchen table.

So that's our good news! Thanks for helping us spread the word. Next on the summer to do list: have a baby.


Jamie Willow said...

that is so awesome Becca!!!!

I am still a South Mpls Landlord...we just secured renters for August as our current renters are moving away...we use a rental company now to do all of the management though cause it's too hard to do from this far away. I wish we could just sell and be done with it...but 4 yrs ago when I tried, it was not good...and according to zillow, we're still not in a good spot to landlords we remain.

I am super happy for you guys!

sarah in the woods said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad it was quick for you all.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

What a blessing!